Queen Camilla radiates in £33k brooch in first appearance since Covid

Queen Consort Camilla gives a speech at Clarence House

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Queen Camilla, 75, has been isolating after suffering from the coronavirus. However, today the Queen Consort hosted a reception of authors at Clarence House for “Camilla’s Reading Room”.

This has become a charity and will hold its first literary festival at Hampton Court Palace this year.

Camilla wore a beautiful blue dress today and she accessorised in her black framed reading glasses.

But it was her jewellery that was the most eye-catching part of her outfit.

Queen Camilla wore her eye-catching Tudor crown brooch that she previously wore on a royal engagement in Brick Lane in London.

Fine jewellery experts at UK retailer Steven Stone took a close look at the brooch, sharing everything royal fans need to know.

Maxwell Stone, the Diamond Expert at Steven Stone told Express.co.uk: “It’s no surprise that everybody is talking about Camilla’s latest brooch – it’s eye catching and laced with both sentiment and history.

“In the shape of the Tudor crown, the silver brooch features a band studded with sapphire, ruby and emerald.”

The expert explained why this brooch is so sentimental to Queen Camilla.

Mr Stone claimed: “The Tudor crown is particularly symbolic as it stylises King Charles III’s cypher. 

“Taking over from the St Edward Crown, the Tudor Crown last appeared on the royal insignia with King George VI, King Charles’s grandfather, who used the Crown for his design while he was on the throne for 15 years.

“King Charles III’s new throne is also said to carry the Tudor Crown, making the brooch an incredibly sentimental choice by the Queen Consort, who will be crowned alongside the King on his coronation day in May.”

The expert argues that the association between Charles and Camilla and this crown is likely to carve their path in royal history away from the past.

Mr Stone explained: “With the King keen to make his own distinct mark as King, he likely made the decision to step away from the St Edward Crown.

“This is due to it being strongly associated with Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign.

“Though it’s difficult to put a price on such a regal piece, I’d estimate Camilla’s brooch to be worth £33,000.”

The Queen Consort looked remarkably well in her first public appearance since she tested positive for coronavirus. 

Camilla appeared in high spirits as she hosted a reception at Clarence House to mark the second year of the Reading Room, and even joked about being “Covid-free”.

King Charles was standing behind his wife on the stairs at Clarence House, their main residence in London.

As Camilla was beginning her speech, she turned around to look at him and, with a note of cheekiness in her voice, said: “Your Majesty.”

This prompted both the guests and the King to start laughing.

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