Professional cleaner claims you only need one product to do your whole house as she says people have been ‘sold a lie’

MOST of us have a cupboard that's full to the brim of cleaning products for each section of the house.

But one professional cleaner has claimed that we should chuck them all away as there's just ONE product that works for everything.

Australian Kacie Stephens, who owns The Big Clean Co, took to TikTok to share the hack – explaining that concentrated dishwashing liquid is her go to product for everything.

"I’m a professional cleaner and I’m here to tell you that you have been sold a lie," she began her video.

"You do not need a different cleaning product for every surface of your house – you only need one."

While she recommended the concentrated dishwashing liquid that her company produces, similar products are readily available, with prices from around £2.

Her video was quickly met with praise from TikTok viewers, with one person writing: "I use washing detergent in a bottle with water! It works a treat.

While another added: "I use washing up liquid to clean everything."

Kacie frequently shares cleaning tips on her TikTok page, and used another video to show how the concentrated dishwashing liquid could be used to clean every inch of a shower.

After removing all the products from the shower, Kacie wiped over everything with the liquid – including all the chrome hinges and fixings.

"Then we grab a grout brush and we scrub," she explained.

"Once done we rinse, dry and put everything back… When we use dishwashing liquid we don't even need a glass cleaner."

Commenting on that video, one grateful viewer wrote: "This was such a life-changing tip.

"I’d put off cleaning our shower for ages and it’s good as new with just dishwashing soap and water. Thank you!"

Replying, Kacie wrote: "We clean 100+ houses each and every week and dishwashing liquid does them all."

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