Prince Louis could finally wear trousers at Coronation, expert claims

Prince Louis, who is turning five this weekend, has only worn shorts in public so far throughout his life. This is because royal boys below the age of seven or eight are usually required to wear shorts due to an old-fashioned rule.

The royal style rule dates from the 16th century and is said to be a marker of one’s social standing.

Aristocratic boys in those days would wear shorts because long trousers were viewed as something only for grown men.

Trousers on boys were seen as “quite middle class”, according to etiquette expert William Hanson.

Daena Borrowman, the Marketing Manager at jewellerybox explained this old-fashioned rule to

She said: “Little boys of aristocratic standing cannot wear long trousers until the age of seven or eight.

“This is the reason Prince Louis has only been spotted in shorts.” Some royal commentators are wondering whether the Prince will wear shorts at his grandfather King Charles’s Coronation on May 6.

The former BBC Royal Correspondent Jennie Bond said: “I think it’s time he wore trousers, especially at the Coronation.

“Anything else would look odd and far too informal. I’d like to see him in a little suit at the age of five, he’d look really cute in a little suit,” she told OK!.

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It is possible that Louis could wear trousers at the Coronation, because his older brother Prince George was first seen wearing trousers when he himself was five years old.

The Prince and Princess of Wales’s 2018 Christmas card showed all five family members sitting on a tree outside their rural Norfolk property Anmer Hall.

It was in this photo that Prince George was first seen by the public donning trousers.

At this time, George would have been five years old – which is the same age Prince Louis will be at the Coronation.

Therefore, it is possible that Kate and William could allow their youngest child to begin wearing trousers a little earlier than the royal style rule initially stated.

Prince George frequently wears trousers nowadays because he is nine years old, and the royal style rule of wearing shorts is only for those under the age of seven or eight.

But when George was younger, he would always wear shorts, just like his younger brother currently does.

This even happened on a cold Christmas Day in 2016 when he wore shorts to church with his parents, Kate Middleton and Prince William.

Louis recently wore shorts on Easter Sunday, despite the weather not being super warm and his older brother was conversely seen in trousers.

The youngest Wales child also wore shorts on Christmas Day in 2022, when the weather was much colder.

Prince William and Prince Harry additionally wore shorts for their public outings when they were children.

Therefore, Prince George and Prince Louis are not the first royal children to follow this old-fashioned custom.

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