Primark wants to open for 24 hours a day when lockdown lifts – and shoppers say it’s a ‘brilliant idea’

WE may have to go without a Primark fix for a whole month – but once the second lockdown lifts, we might have something even better to look forward to.

According to The Telegraph, Primark bosses are considering opening selected stores for 24 hours a day from December to help shoppers social distance during the busy Christmas period.

Chief Executive George Weston said: "If we are able to trade in some stores up to 24 hours a day, then we can keep people more separate from each other more easily.

"We can keep the stores safer if everyone knows there are plenty trading hours and they do not have to rush on a Sunday into a six-hour period."

After being shut for 12 weeks earlier this year, Primark said the lockdown caused a loss of around £650million worth of sales a month.

Needless to say, superfans on Facebook were delighted by the prospect of getting their Primark fix 24/7.

Raving about the news on the group Primark Hauls, one user joked: "I'm gonna miss sleeping."

Calling it a "brill idea" another added: "Midnight shopping trip!"

A third wrote: "This isn't good for sleep walkers though – imagine sleep walking to Primark at 1am and emptying your bank account!"

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