Primark has unveiled the most adorable Harry Potter baby pyjamas yet… and just wait until you see the Dobby-themed socks

Primark has just unveiled their newest set of Harry Potter-inspired baby pyjamas… and they're nothing short of adorable.

Referencing one of the franchise's most heartwarming scenes, these £10 baby PJs feature an illustration of our favourite house helper along with the words "Dobby is a free elf" written on the front.

What's more, the super sweet grey tracksuit bottoms also feature an adorable drawing of that all-important sock which freed Dobby in the second Harry Potter film.

But we haven't even got to the best part yet.

Completing the must-have Harry Potter PJs with a flourish, this set also includes two socks with "Dobby is free" and "Master has given Dobby a sock" written on each of them. NO YOU'RE CRYING.

Unsurprisingly, the Harry Potter PJs have already proven a hit with shoppers.

Flooding the Primark Instagram account with praise, one user wrote: "Oh my life. This is everything."

Another added: "Those Dobby socks!"

Anyone else fancy starting a petition for Primark to make an adult sized-version of these must-have PJs? Asking for a friend…

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Plus Boots has just launched a Harry Potter beauty range and fans are LOVING it.

Calling all fans, you can now pledge your allegiance to a Hogwarts house with Primark’s £4 Harry Potter cushions.

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