Primark fans go wild for new Charlotte Tilbury blusher dupe – and it's £25 cheaper than the cult favourite

IT'S the blusher that sells out in seconds every time it comes back into stock.

But for beauty fans who are struggling to get their hands on Charlotte Tilbury's cult favourite Beauty Light Wand in Pinkgasm, there's a new dupe on the market – and it's £25 cheaper.

News of Primark's Cream Wand was shared on TikTok by Charley, who urged people to "run not walk" to the store to pick up the blusher, which costs just £4.

"Looks very similar to Charlotte Tilbury pinkgasm, no?" she added in the video.

And the similarities between the two products were clear to see – from the "luminous finish", as boasted on Primark's product, to the unique sponge applicator.

In comments on the video, Charley added that she'd picked it up in the Primark in Meadowhall shopping centre in Sheffield.

She also said she'd be posting a review of the product when she got home.

"Omg need," one person commented on the video, while another added: "omg their makeup has become so much better bro that’s highlighted."

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Another person tagged their friend in the comment and wrote: "If you see these GET ME ONE TOO."

Charlotte's Pinkgasm is so popular that, according to data between 14 and 19 July last year, one was sold every eight seconds.

And that's no mean feat considering the blusher costs £29.

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