People say I’m a boob catfish because they look so massive but they’re actually tiny… it’s a skill, I need it for work | The Sun

MOST work uniforms consist of a shirt, trousers and shoes, but for one waitress it also includes a push-up bra.

Kloe, from Austin, Texas, has an unusual morning routine thanks to her revealing workwear.

Her waitressing gig at Twin Peaks, a sports restaurant in the US, has a very specific uniform.

The saucy looks consists of tiny denim shorts, a cropped plaidtop and boots.

The worker even has to carve out time to make her boobs "look good for work every day," she revealed.

But despite her busty work look, Kloe confessed she doesn't really have big boobs at all, and actually wears an A-cup bra.


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The 22-year-old said making her boobs look bigger is just part of her job, so she doesn't mind it.

"I chose to work there and chose to wear that bra, no one is requiring me to.

"It's a part of my job," she explained

Because of her naturally small bust, Kloe said she doesn't mind faking it for her role, adding: "It's nice to feel good about my boobs sometimes."

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But not everyone is a fan of the look, and some people even accuse the waitress of being a catfish because of the major difference.

"Soooo not to be rude, but a single tear would roll down my face… Catfish much," one user commented on a video where she showed her uniform with and without the push-up bra.

Other people were convinced she applied make-up to make her boobs look bigger, but Kloe insisted it's just the magic of her bra.

Meanwhile, other TikTok users begged for a tutorial so they can achieve the same look.

"Please, I NEED to know how," one commented.

And another said: "What's your secret? My babies took all mine, they don't perk anymore. Teach me your ways."

"As a A-cup myself, please explain," someone else said.

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