People are so confused by H&M x Moschino's condom accessories… but they've already sold out

Many pieces have sold out – including three very unusual accessories.

While the entire range is quirky there has been a lot of attention surrounding a particular bag, necklace and pair of earrings.

Why? Because they're shaped like condom wrappers.

The gold-plated square earrings – which cost £29.99 – feature jagged edges and circular imprints, giving the impression that there's a condom inside.

The £39.99 necklace and £79.99 patent bag boast the same features, while the tote has the words "Ready to Wear" printed across the back.

Despite the R-rated inspiration behind the items there's no denying their popularity.

But over on Twitter, shoppers can't quite decide how they feel about them.

Many have admitted that they love the trio – despite knowing what they're supposed to resemble.

One person tweeted: "Okay I kinda like the Moschino condom earrings for H&M."

Others wrote: "All I wanted was the condom bag," and: "I want condom earrings. I'm not kidding."

However, others aren't so enamoured.

One tweet reads: "People waited in front of some H&M stores to buy a condom necklace? Lmao."

Another incredulous shopper asked: "Since when has H&M started selling expensive condoms?"

Reckon you could pull off having jazzy johnnies hanging from your ears or neck?

As we previously mentioned, they're sold out online.

We'd recommend heading to your nearest branch to see if there are any left in stock – although you'll have to be quick.

Word of warning: Don't wear them to work.

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