People are sharing the hilarious things that put them off a fit girl and it's bad news if you wear goggles in the pool | The Sun

THE DREADED "ick" can often come from the most unlikely and unimportant things, but it's fair to say it can really put you off your date.

From someone crying when One Direction broke up to someone wearing goggles to the swimming pool, it seems there's no predicting what will put people off someone.

Now people are flocking to Twitter to share the hilarious and ridiculous reasons they're turned off someone they previously fancied.

In a series of statements all starting: "She's a ten but…" people are letting loose with their date no nos.

It seems plenty of people were put off by what they considered to be bad taste in music… and One Direction was really in the firing line.

One person said: "She’s a ten but she cried when 1D broke up."

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Another said: "She’s a ten but feels the compulsive need to follow Harry Styles on tour."

"She’s a ten but she defends Harry Styles like her life depends on it."

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But it wasn't just Directioners who bore the brunt of it.

Another person said: "She’s a teen but she audibly gasps whenever she hears a Taylor Swift song playing while out in public."

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It seems many types of "obsession" were off putting to those who took part in the Twitter trend.

One person said: "She’s a ten but rewatches twilight once a month."

Another said: "She’s a ten but has a Hello Kitty obsession."

Other things that were on people's no no lists were outfits and behaviours they found unattractive.

One person said: "She’s a ten but she uses goggles in the pool."

Another said: "She’s a ten but she bites the skin off her lips when she’s anxious."

A third said: "She’s a ten but she asks you if you’d still love her if she was a worm."

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While another said: "She's a ten but she's waiting for him to text first."

Plus another person added: "She’s a ten but she calls her crush daddy."

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