People are only just realising what the 'annoying side' of their grater is for as foodies admit they had no idea | The Sun

HOW many times have you used a box grater and wondered what all the sides are actually for?

If you have, you're not alone as foodies on Reddit have admitted they had no idea what it's actually meant for either.

One user shared a picture of their grater and asked: "Does anyone actually know what this side of the grater is for, other than cutting my hands and snagging my clothes?"

Most box graters will have the same four sides, the one we all know and love, which is mostly for grating cheese and one that looks similar, just a bit smaller.

Then there's the side with two or three spaces to slice cheese… but what's the other side for?

It turns out it's supposed to be used to zest and finely grate hard cheese and spices like nutmeg.


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"It's not super effective for citrus but good for hard cheeses and spices," one foodie said.

A second commented: "Zesting. But to be honest, use the handle at the top to pick it up and drop it in your recycling bin. Get a couple of micro planes instead."

Others agreed they didn't use the side of their grater much either, mostly because it's such a paint to wash afterwards.

"Obviously it’s for trying to grate one thing once and then never being able to wash it properly," one person said sarcastically.

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"I tried zesting with it a year ago and I still see orange skin on it today," another agreed.

One fan fad admitted they tried to use it to make breadcrumbs once, but have since found an easier method.

They explained: "I got a food processor so that side of the grater is for nothing but giving me minor injuries on a relatively regular basis."

However, one home cook claimed to have worked out the perfect way to use the pesky grater.

"If you press a Rectangle of Greaseproof paper over it, you can zest citrus on it, lift the Greaseproof off and easily scrape the zest off the paper," they commented.

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