People are only just realising how to stop crying when chopping onions – and the key is already sitting in your kitchen | The Sun

SOCIAL media users are going wild over a hack that stops the tears from coming when chopping onions – and it's so easy too.

Avid foodies will know that most savoury recipes call for onions – which always come with a stream of tears.

Luckily, there's a simple way to stop the crying, so if you're planning to whip up a delicious vegetable tangine or a mouth-watering Chorizo tortellini bake tonight, this one's for you.

The inexpensive trick has already gone viral on Instagram and one of those who gave it a go was Dustin Hadley, better known to his 351k fans as That40yearguy on social media.

According to Dustin, who was also recently stunned by a microwave hack, the answer is quite simple.

Sharing the life-changing cooking tip, the life hack enthusiast revealed that all you need to do is put a slice of bread in your mouth.

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Armed with a loaf of white bread, Dustin bit into a slice and proceeded to chop up the onion in front of him – and after zooming in his face, there were no tears in his eyes.

Completely stunned, the foodie said: ''You're telling me 40 years I've been crying every time I cut up onions for onion rings, I could've been doing this?

''I can’t believe this actually worked,'' he exclaimed in the caption of the now-viral video.

Since being uploaded on the popular social media platform, the clip has taken the internet by storm.

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Thousands of people flocked to comments to share their thoughts, as well as their go-to hacks for keeping the tears at bay.

A fellow foodie claimed: ''A damp paper towel near the cutting board also works!''

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Someone else insisted: ''If you don’t cut the root of an onion you will never tear up.''

''It’s the sulfur in the onion which is absorbed by the bread before it reaches your eyes which makes it effective,'' a third explained the magic behind this trick.

''Chewing gum works too but I have no idea why that works, didn’t learn that in chemistry,'' the woman added.

''I was always taught, “sharp knife, no tears”,'' another commented.

On the lookout for more food hacks? Well, one woman recently revealed how to prevent pasta water from boiling over.

The life-changing trick was shared by Sarah Aulbrook (@sarahaulbrook) on TikTok, where it's since gone viral.

According to Sarah – believed to be based in the US – the answer is quite simple.

In her video, which has been viewed close to a whopping 780,000 times, the key to a clean stove is a bit of olive oil.

''So random tip I was told and has like saved me so many messes is olive oil.''

Demonstrating the trick, she first put a tiny amount of the cooking ingredient on a brush before going around the edges of the pot.

''The water won't boil over that olive oil line. You're welcome!'' said the foodie, insisting that the wooden spoon hack never worked for her.

But whilst some said their mind was blown by just how easy this trick is, others were more sceptical.

One reckoned: ''if you’re pot is boiling over it’s because you’re either using too small a pot for what you’re cooking or the heat is too high.

''Just NEVER add oil to water or the pot.''

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Someone else agreed, commenting: ''Turn it down – Every now and then – it gets a little bit foamy – and it won’t overflow on the ground.''

A third advised: ''Just put a wood spoon across the pot. It won't overflow.''

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