People are just discovering there’s a ridiculously easy way to open a lid that’s stuck on a jar | The Sun

ONE MAN has shared his dumbfounded reaction to finding out a ridiculously easy way to open the lid of a jar.

For anyone who has ever struggled to open a jar of jam, some people are only recently discovering an incredibly simple way to get the job done.

Digital creator Sidney Raz is known on the platform for the plethora of tips and tricks he says he didn't know and thus shares with the world.

In one particular video, Raz tells viewers about the hack that he didn't know about until he was well into his thirties.

He has an incredibly puzzled expression on his face as he shares how he learned it's possible to open a hard-to-open jar with a bottle opener.

The quick trick only takes a second to do but took him years to figure out.

"Here's something I didn't know until I was in my thirties," Raz says at the start of the video. "You can open a hard-to-open jar with a bottle opener?"

He proceeds to explain how so many of his followers suggest he try the tip, and he thanks them for their help.

The TikTok user then holds a bottle opener in one hand and a jar of sauce in the other as he prepares to demonstrate the easy hack.

With one simple push of the bottle opener, the jar pops open.

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All Raz can say is "popped" due to his annoyance with discovering the trick so late.

The video comes to a close as he completely unscrews the top of the jar and just looks at the camera with an irritated look on his face.

The comment section of the video was filled with feedback from viewers explaining their confusion over how it took him so long to realize the task.

"Really? You didn’t know that?" one viewer commented.

"You should start a series where people ask you to try basic life tasks that should be known, but could easily not be known to people," another added.

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