Parents stumped by toddler book which asks readers to find the object beginning with R – so can you figure it out? | The Sun

PARENTS have been left stumped by an alphabet book which asks readers to identify the object beginning with a "R".

One dad took to Reddit to share a look at the "easy" book – intended for toddlers – which featured the words: "I spy with my little eye something beginning with R."

On the page was what appeared to be a pirate ship, an aeroplane, a boat, a car, a submarine and a train.

"I thought I was stupid because I couldn't figure out which one started with R," he wrote above the picture.

"This is what happens when you order a book off Wish," one person commented on the picture.

While another joked: "None of them start with R. They all start with gas or the wind."

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And someone else wrote: "Why does nobody realise that the car is a Renault?"

"The Red Roof car and the Red airplane?" another mused.

But other parents who actually own the book revealed the answer is "rowboat".

"We have this book!! The answer is the sailboat, which they call a 'rowboat'," one mum revealed.

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"We hate it, which is probably why our daughter loves it."

However, people were unconvinced by the big reveal, with one arguing: "Calling shenanigans!

"This 'rowboat' doesn't even have oars… and it has sails!

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"That, my friend, is a sailboat."

"Someone needs to fire their graphic designer," another laughed.

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