Parents sharing laugh-out-loud photos of themselves before and after they had kids… and you won’t believe they’re the same people

From countless sleepless nights to hardly having time to shower, looking after your personal appearance is often the first thing to go straight out of the window.

Proving just how much their little ones have changed their lives, parents all over the world are now sharing hilarious photos of them before and after they had children.

And trust us, we can hardly believe they're the same people.

While some mums have undereye bags not even a slathering of undereye concealer could cope with, other parents have transformed from serious party animals into doting dads.

Pants idea

Not a highlight (in sight)

Beauty blogger in the making

From party animals to just pooped

Beauty myths – wrapped up

Two pints to half pints

Triple the treats

Camel ride: take two


Wine o'clock

Hair today

Real life swinger

Beer to bows

10 years a dad

Desperate times

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