Parents are just discovering the easiest way to check your children’s pulse & all you need is a marshmallow | The Sun

DID you know that a simple marshmallow could be the secret to checking your child’s pulse?

If you’ve never heard of the easy trick, you’re not alone, as fellow parents are just discovering it for themselves and it’s blown their mind. 

A primary school teacher called Libby took to her TikTok account @libbymrichards to share the tip with other teachers and parents. 

In the video, she took a packet of marshmallows, and placed one on a cocktail stick.

Then Libby, who is best known as Mrs Richards to her pupils, placed the marshmallow onto a child’s wrist.

Once it was in position, the marshmallows subtly started to go from side to side thanks to the movement of the pulse. 

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Alongside the video, she wrote: “When you tell kids you can see your pulse with just a marshmallow and a toothpick.”

The video went viral with over 215k likes – and it wasn’t just the children who were flabbergasted to find out about it as parents flocked to the comment section.

One parent said: “This is amazing!

“No one could ever find their pulse… doing this.” 

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Another added: “That is sooooooo cool.”

While a third joined the conversation and said they couldn’t believe they’d never heard of the simple trick before, as they wrote: “I was today year’s old…” 

A fourth added: “Woahhhh!”

As a fifth said: “I’ve been influenced.” 

Meanwhile, fellow teachers thanked Libby for sharing her trick, as they said they couldn’t wait to introduce it to their classrooms.

One wrote: “I am a preschool teacher with a bag of marshmallows and toothpicks.

“Guess what we’re doing tomorrow?!”

A second typed: “I HAVE ALL THE SUPPLIES. Thank you for tomorrow’s science lesson.” 

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And even a nurse said it had taught her something.

She wrote: “Not me as a nurse about to carry marshmallows and toothpicks in my scrubs.”

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