Parenting just got a whole lot easier thanks to these clever tips, including cleaning toys in the dishwasher

Over on Bored Panda, mums and dads have been sharing their clever parenting hacks – and some of them are simply genius.

In one image, we see twins with the numbers 1 and 2 shaved into their heads to ensure they can always be told apart.

Some parents fill gloves with rice and place them on their babies' backs to keep them sleeping soundly while they grab a quick coffee and shower.

And we love the idea of popping disposable plastic gloves over your child's knitted ones to stop their hands getting wet in the snow.

Below are a few more of our favourite parenting tricks. We have a feeling you'll be giving at least one a go by the end of the week…

A dab hand at parenting

No losing sleep

That's magic

Got it down to a fine art

High and mighty

Door stopper

Double whammy

A lick of paint

Eyes everywhere

The write way

A handy tip

If the shoe fits

Forbidden fruit

No delay to your service

Strap in

Just what the doctor ordered

Good things come to those who wait

Bag it up

Attachment theory

As cold as ice

Sleeping like a baby

Toying with the idea

Two can play at that game

The best medicine

In a spin

Colour coding

Not a potty plan

Water genius

Cutting edge

No more driving you crazy

Playing it safe

Wheely good idea

A n(ice) way to spend the day

Emergency plan

Top stuff

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