Nick Jonas on His New Cologne with John Varvatos, the Skincare He Steals from Wife Priyanka Chopra and More

Nick Jonas is truly a man of many talents.

Besides his illustrious music career (both solo and with the Jonas Brothers), Jonas, 27, has proven himself as an actor, fashion designer and tequila entrepreneur. After collaborating with close friend John Varvatos on a capsule collection last year, the pair decided to join forces and create a men’s fragrance, which was shortly followed by another scent. Now, Jonas and Varvatos teamed up again to launch the latest installment in their fragrance trilogy: JV x NJ Silver Edition.

“With anything, you have to continue to evolve and that’s the most exciting thing about our collaboration,” Jonas tells PEOPLE. “[John and I] are both probably in the craziest moments of our life and career, both together and separately, and this scent has that energy.”

Below Jonas and Varvatos share more on their latest fragrance collaboration and the Jonas Brother reflects on his whirlwind year.

How did you guys want to make this fragrance different from your others?

Jonas: “We wanted to put an electric feeling in this bottle to reflect our lives and creativity. I wear it daytime and nighttime, which I think is really nice. It’s really versatile. These fragrances are becoming a part of the fabric of people’s lives. We want to continue to build on that and help make the world smell a little bit better.”

Varvatos: “I think the biggest difference between this one and the others is that it’s a little bit spicier and very effervescent. [It has notes of bergamot, sage, sandalwood and vetiver.] It opens up as you wear it throughout the day.”

Fragrance is so personal, but did you get any feedback from your wives — or NIck, from your brothers — as you developed it?

Jonas: “My brothers have terrible opinions [laughs]. They like the first one John and I made but I haven’t shown them this one yet. But I did show my wife [Priyanka Chopra Jonas] and she loved it. She likes that I am mixing it up. I’m glad that she does, because I’ll be wearing it quite a lot! When I am planning what I am wearing, since my closet has a lot of variety, a big piece of the puzzle is choosing what fragrance I want to wear too.”

Varvatos: “We like to get everybody’s reaction when we’re working on it. For me, my wife says when she’s snuggling up against me, she wants [the scent] to be something she wants to snuggle closer to.”

Do you ever steal skincare products from Priyanka?

Jonas: “For sure. I don’t know who makes them, but [I take her] sheet masks. Then I’ll occasionally run out of facial moisturizer or something and I’ll use hers. I think she likes it [laughs]. She likes to share. Or maybe she doesn’t. We’ll see.”

So what do you like to do when you have a moment to relax?

Jonas: “These days there hasn’t been a whole lot of time for that! But, I am a golfer. One of the things I love about golf, much like my creative life, is that it’s not something I will ever be able to master. A motto for the way I live my life is to throw myself into scenarios where I’m never going to be professional, but I can learn each time I do it. I want to take the time to accept that you’re going to have bad swings, you’re going to have a bad day and it’s all reflective of life. Golf is kind of my escape and my quiet time. Even if it is frustrating and the most annoying thing in the world to spend money to play it and still be terrible.”

It’s been a big year for you with the Jonas Brothers reunion, new album and tour, plus launching Villa One tequila and this fragrance, and joining The Voice. What’s it like looking back at 2019?

Jonas: “For various reasons, it’s one of the best years of my life. You could look at some of the work and successes as the reason, but for me it’s more about the personal relationships I’ve built and the experiences I’ve had to connect with people closest in my life. I was craving that before this year. I’m really, really grateful for those great relationships.”


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