Newly-engaged woman shares sweet ring photo… but behind-the-scenes something VERY different is going on | The Sun

SHE wanted the perfect engagement pictures after her husband-to-be popped the question.

But when her ring didn't fit, Sadie Varnum enlisted the help of her best friend to get the fairytale snaps.

She took to TikTok to reveal what was happening behind the scenes of the engagement shoot.

"When the ring doesn't fit but your bestie comes in clutch," she wrote over the video.

In the clip, she was seen embracing and kissing her fiance.

But anytime a photo was taken that needed to include her hand and ring, her pal put her hand in instead.

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The friend was seen laughing as she placed her hand on her friend's fiance's cheek as he lovingly kissed his wife-to-be.

"No-one's gonna know," the much-used voiceover said.

"Omg i would feel so awkward holding MY BEST FRIENDS FIANCÉS FACE WHILE THEY KISS," one person commented on the video.

"I would have just photo shopped the ring on," another added.

"I'd know and I wouldn’t be able to think about anything but when I saw the pics," someone else added.

"We would've had to reschedule but ain't now way I'm allowing that," another wrote.

"This is so hilarious- I love it!" someone else commented.

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