My Swiffer hack gets mirrors squeaky-clean – people say it also works on windows and car windshields | The Sun

ONE savvy cleaner has shared how she gets her mirrors spotless with a Swiffer.

Impressed viewers suggested using the same hack to clean windows and windshields too.

The lifestyle creator KD (@sheiskd_) ensures her page is filled with cleaning and beauty tips.

And household hacks are her specialty. In one video, she showed people how to use a Swiffer more efficiently.

"Life hack," she proclaimed, holding up the popular cleaning tool.

KD grabbed a dry gray towel and draped it over the bottom of the Swiffer.

She fastened it where the wet pad usually goes.

The TikTok user covered the bottom of the towel in glass cleaner.

KD wiped her mirror up and down with the Swiffer as if using it on the floor.

She moved into her bathroom to do the same with the mirror over the sink.

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Each surface was left spotless and sparkling.

While some of KD's viewers were fascinated by her cleaning hack, others were already familiar.

"Definitely trying this," one excited woman proclaimed, while another wrote: "Great idea."

"Love this! Microfibers work great! Never considered using on a Swiffer attachment. Thank you," an impressed fan commented.

A woman noted: "This is the best for windows too."

"Also works on inside van windshield," another viewer added.

"I do this on my windshield. I'm too short to clean it," an honest woman agreed.

One follower proclaimed: "I also do this to wash my walls and ceilings."

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