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SMUDGES and marks come with the territory of owning a stainless steel refrigerator, but there are many options to help clean them.

Gabie Vigneault tests different cleaning hacks and has shared her easy homemade stainless steel recipe.

In her TikTok video, Gabie sat on the floor in front of her refrigerator with a spray bottle. The stainless steel appeared to have marks and looked dull in areas.

“Let’s try this cleaning trend,” a voiceover said.

Spraying her concoction directly onto the refrigerator, Gabie revealed it was “equal parts vinegar and olive oil.” It appeared to be distilled white vinegar.

She buffed the liquid into the metal with a soft cloth, swiping back and forth before rubbing in curricular motions.

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By the end, her refrigerator was smudge-free and shining.

People were both impressed and confused by the combination.

“My first thought .. wipe down fridge with salad dressing .. got it ..” one person joked.

Another person added that the oil and vinegar “works great to clean and add moisture to dry wood furniture too.”

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One person commented: “You can also use W -40 and just go with the grain,” to which Gabie made a follow-up video for to test it.

Gabie sprayed WD-40 lubricant directly onto her refrigerator before rubbing it in circular motions with a paper towel.

“I’m in shock,” Gabie captioned her video, reacting to the shiny and smooth finish.

One person commented: “Seems like the oil and vinegar would be cheaper and smell better but this is still cool.”

Gabie responded with her verdict, saying: “Yes but I was a little bit disappointed with the homemade recipe. I will try with more olive oil.”

Many people suggested trying baby oil too.

Gabie created yet another video, this time responding to the comment: “I clean professionally. We use baby oil. Works like a charm!”

She squirted some Johnson’s baby oil onto a cloth and rubbed it into the refrigerator, leaving another sparkling result.

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However, people were most concerned with this method.

"OMG I'm a professional cleaner, don't do that…please," one person wrote, with many explaining that the oil can leave a long-lasting film or residue that can attract more dust.

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