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A MUM who sometimes helps her busy neighbour out by taking her son to school was stunned when she asked for a huge favour.

She couldn't believe the neighbour even dared to ask such a cheeky request, but other parents insisted she needs to put her foot down.

Posting on Mumsnet, she explained she's helped her neighbour out by taking her tot to school on the off occasion, since she walks her own son there anyway.

But her neighbour decided to push her luck and ask the mum to "permanently take her younger son to school and in the afternoons pick him up."

Not only that, but she wanted the mum to take her son home with her and mind him until the evening, since she would be busy driving her older daughter to and from school and picking up her baby from the childminders.

She explained: "Yesterday morning she dropped into conversation that they cannot keep affording to send their 12-year-old to school via taxi anymore, as she has anxiety she cannot go by bus.


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"So she will be needing to drive her to school and can I permanently take her younger son to school and in the afternoons pick him up and bring him home with me till 5pm-ish as she needs to collect baby from childminder and it's becoming too tight."

She told the neighbour she'll be busy looking after her own newborn in no time, so looking after her son as well as her own kids was a bit much.

The mum said: "Her response was, 'well you would still be doing it anyway so what's an extra child?'"

Stunned by the bold request, the mum didn't know what else to say.

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She asked other parents: "How do I deal with this without making it extremely awkward for the rest of our lives?"

One Mumsnet user said: "So she wants you to provide free transport and after school care – what a cheeky f***er.

"I’d simply tell her that while you’re happy to help in an emergency you can’t commit to an ongoing arrangement and she’ll need to use formal childcare."

A second commented: "My word, the absolute cheek of her and so rude too.

"Absolutely no way and I would never do her a favour ever again."

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