My mother-in-law keeps showing people pictures of my wedding dress but it should be a surprise, I’m livid | The Sun

SAYING yes to the dress is one of the most special moments in the lead up to the wedding.

It's one the bride enjoys with just a few select loved ones while the groom and guests have to wait until the big day.

And it usually goes without saying that if you do know what the dress looks like, you keep it a secret.

But one bride has been left livid after discovering her mother-in-law has been showing all of her friends and colleagues her special frock.

The woman is due to get married next year and only picked her dress three weeks ago.

She had invited her mum, maid of honour and partner's mum along to the bridal boutique where she ended up finding her dream frock.

Her loved ones had taken some pictures of it on the day, but the bride said she maid it clear she didn't want anybody else to see them.

So she was stunned to discover her mother-in-law has let "loads of people" see it.

Posting on social media, she said: "Don’t know if am being unreasonable. I bought my wedding dress a few weekend ago with my MOH, mum and mother-in-law which was a lovely experience.

"But since buying the dress and chatting to my mother-in-law every few days she has told me she has showed all of her colleagues in her work including the children who she works with as they were chatting about princess dresses and all her friends and sisters my dress.

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"She was there when my MOH asked if she could show her mum the dress and I said no as I didn’t want anyone else to see it so I assumed she would just know not to show it.

"I know she is excited about the wedding but how can I politely ask her to stop showing people it?

"It’s been 3 weeks since buying the dress and she showed loads of people and we still have a year to go till the wedding so there is a million opportunities for her to show someone else it."

The woman's fellow brides have been firmly on her side and insisted her partner's mum should delete the pictures.

One said: "Ask her to delete the photos she obviously is excited but it’s none of her business sharing it with other people."

A second agreed: "It’s not an unreasonable thing to ask and honestly the only person who should be showing anyone your dress is you.

"I would just say to her, actually my wedding dress is supposed to be a surprise, I don’t want everyone seeing it before the day.

"I don’t mind you having pictures of it on your phone as long as you respect my wishes and stop showing people.

"If you can’t do that I’ll need to ask you to delete them and I don’t want to have to do that."

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Meanwhile, a third said: "I think honestly it’s common wedding etiquette that your wedding dress is kept a secret until the big day.

"I would politely ask if she can stop showing people the dress as you want it to be a secret between those of you who were there until the big day. I don’t think you’d be unreasonable by asking that."

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