My man liked another woman's photo – so I cheated on him as revenge – and I’d do it again

A WOMAN has admitted to cheating on her partner as revenge for liking another woman’s photo on Instagram.

Taking to TikTok, the anonymous girlfriend shared a video of herself explaining her reasoning.

According to the woman, her bloke claimed that he hadn’t meant to like the bikini snap, but that wasn’t reason enough for her.

She wrote: “When he ‘accidentally’ liked a girl’s bikini pic…

“So I accidentally cheat.”

Her video has since been shared on Reddit where people have been left baffled, with many arguing that her punishment did not fit the crime.

Commenting one said: “Liking someone’s picture without knowing context is apparently just as bad as cheating. 

“The insecurity is strong with this one.”

Agreeing another added: “If you aren't going to communicate like an actual adult, then you don't need to be in a relationship. At all.”

Meanwhile a third wrote: “This screams “I’m insecure and need validations from strangers on the Internet” so loud.”

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