My lazy fiancee didn’t want to cook for me so I called her mum who turned up at our door and made her do it

A MAN who grew tired of his fiancee refusing to cook him dinner decided to take matters into his own hands – and called her mum.

He took to TikTok to share a video of the situation, captioning the clip: "She hates me."

"My fiancee didn’t want to cook for me so I called her mum," he wrote over the beginning of the video.

Opening the door to his future mother-in-law, she then marched into their apartment carrying a wooden spoon, demanding to know: "Where is she?"

"She’s over there laying on the couch," he replied.

When the older woman called her daughter "lazy", he answered: "She is lazy – she doesn’t want to cook for me."

She then marched over to the sofa and asked her daughter, "Why are you laying down?"

The daughter looked stunned to see her mother, and asked her what she was doing there, before her mum ordered: "Start cooking for your husband."

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"But mum, I don’t feel like it," her daughter moaned, before getting up anyway.

"You’re such a snitch," she told her husband-to-be as she walked into the kitchen, giving him an evil look while doing so.

"I love you too," he answered.

The video caused some backlash on TikTok, leading to the poster writing in a comment: "Relationships are supposed to be 50/50.

"This is just a joke on my fiancee so don’t get upset."

When someone else asked what she made him for dinner, he replied: "We all cooked together it was just a joke on her."

Others insisted he'd be paying for the prank for some time, with one writing: "You are sleeping outside today!"

"Been married 32 years, if I woulda done that, we would not had made it 32 days…" someone else added.

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