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WITH Christmas over and New Year fast approaching, households are beginning to pack up and put their decorations away for another year. 

We’ve all got a favourite bauble and ornament we look forward to seeing when Christmas rolls around again, but there’s a dodgy decoration one family hopes they’ll never see again.

Forget blow-up snowmen and twinkling lights on the lawn, a couple in America have taken their festive decorations to a whole new level and their family can’t believe what they’ve seen.

TikTok user Eli Harvey enjoyed a jolly Christmas with his loved ones, until he paid a visit to his grandparents’ house. 

Over seven million people have seen his jaw-dropping clip so far, which he hashtags #midwestchristmas, and it’s divided opinion.

Eli shares footage of his grandma’s house as he walks around her festive living room. 

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On top of the TikTok clip, text reads: “Not my grandparents putting literal frozen roadkill in their front yard as decoration for Christmas.”

The camera pans around the room, showing Eli’s family sitting around a red-topped dining table. 

His grandma, wearing a festive red jumper, walks calmly across the room as if nothing has happened.

The footage then skips to the snow-covered lawn outside. At first, the scene looks like any other winter garden. 

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There’s thick snow on the ground and leafless trees with icicles trailing from their branches. 

It looks like a small deer is skipping across the lawn, but the reality is shocking.

Open-mouthed viewers soon realise that the animal is frozen solid. 

Eli then turns his camera around to share his mortified reaction. He then zooms in on two younger female family members who look exhausted and unsurprised by the garden addition.

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Over 7,000 people have commented on the video to share their opinion, and they just can’t agree. 

“Reuse, reduce, recycle,” joked one woman.

“Compostable decorations are my favourite,” shared a second. 

“Your grandparents are unhinged and I love them,” remarked a third. 

And a fourth even called them: “Eco queens.”

While a large chunk of TikTok decided the dodgy decoration was iconic, others agreed with Eli.

“My parents had a dead rabbit on the road in front of their house at Easter so my mother sprinkled a handful of jelly beans around it,” recalled a mortified user.

“What in the rural midwest is going on here,” asked another.

All Eli can say is: “I have so many questions.”

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