My friend gave her son an odd name & the pronunciation makes it sound so rude, it's selfish not to change it | The Sun

A WOMAN confessed that her friend gave her son an unusual name that she reckons sounds so rude.

And even when she tried to talk her out of it she didn't understand the problem.

Sharing on Quora, the woman revealed that her mate named her son after a Roman emperor called Marcus Aurelius.

But the mum decided to ditch 'Marcus' and have 'Aurelius' as the first name.

The friend explained that she didn't have a problem with the name, "until you realize that she wants Aurelius pronounced in a way that sounds a lot like 'areolas'."

Understandably, the friend was in total disbelief when she heard how the mum wants to name pronounced.


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"It took all of my will power to not ask her why she’s naming her kid 'nipples'," she admitted.

And despite trying to gently explain that her son might be mocked later in life for having the name, the mum didn't see the problem.

Although the friend "respected her decision," she decided to throw a few other name suggestions out there.

"Why not Marcus or Julius or any other normal-esque name that is associated with Rome? Something where the poor kid wouldn’t be endlessly mocked.

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"Or, just maybe, not pronouncing Aurelius like areolas."

The mum's friend added that any parent who gives their kids a weird name is just "trying too hard."

"I also think that their selfishness and vanity is showing," she jabbed.

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"They obviously aren’t considering their kid’s future or the horrible bullying that will almost certainly take place.

"They are putting their own desire to be unique and original over practicality and function and don’t consider, or perhaps even realise, that this kid will one day be an adult and will have to live with that name choice."

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