My dog was unrecognisable after going to the hairdressers – I honestly thought I’d been given the wrong pooch | The Sun

A PET owner was left horrified after their dog was left looking unrecognisable after a trip to the groomers.

TikTok user @theoridiaries was so shocked she thought she had picked up the wrong dog.

In the comical clip, which has racked up 29,000 likes, owner Ori showed off some striking before and after pictures of her pooch Maggie.

Before her trim, the furry canine was covered in brown curly fur.

However, after Ori’s mum had been tasked with dropping Maggie off at the groomers, the staff member had shaved the dog’s face, neck and body.

All that was left was a fluffy patch of fur on top of her head.

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She wrote: “I think the groomer gave me the wrong dog.”

In texts to her mum, Ori wrote: “Why does she look like that?

“That is the most insane haircut I’ve seen.”

In order to rectify the situation, Ori had added some purple bows to make the dog look slightly better.

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She added: “As if the bows help.”

The hair cut left many people in hysterics, with one writing: “It’s like she’s in the 80s getting a perm.”

Ori replied: “My mom loved the 80’s so this tracks.”

Another added: “That’s not Maggie that’s Will Ferrell.”

And a third commented: “Groomer here! Even as a poodle cut this isnt right, the clean face starts way too high and the topknot is a mullet.”

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