My date only bought food for himself when I turned up with no cash I thought it was rude but people disagree

WHEN it comes to dating there seems to be a rule book full of the do’s and don’ts.

And one woman has caused quite a stir on social media when it came to her dating story. 

Filming her date undercover, she explained through subtitles that this was her first date with the bloke. 

She added: “I didn’t have money, so he only bought himself food.” 

The woman, who goes by the name of @heydiberber, then zoomed in on her date eating his food while she had nothing in front of her. 

She asked her followers if she should “go out with him again?” 


And added: “He said pay me or pay me no attention.” 

But the woman, who has 43.1k followers, created a big reaction in her comments section with over 26k people rushing to voice their opinion. 

One wrote: “This is the one! He’s a KING! Why is one going to treat a stranger like a queen on the first date?!” 

Another added: “I personally offer to pay on the first date but knowing your date came expecting a free [red flag] should he go out with you again is the question.” 

A third expressed: “Guys should pay but girls shouldn’t expect it. Be ready on both sides.” 

A fourth said: “Na [SIC] whoever asked out pays.”

To which she replied: “I asked.” 

However, another person added: “Doesn’t matter…a real man pays.”

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