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ONE couple's baby name proved controversial when the dad-to-be revealed the unusual place he turned to for inspiration.

When the dad shared the story behind his unborn child's Winter's name, he was met with a chilly reception on Reddit – where other users urged him to tell his girlfriend the truth.

Reddit user Few-Butterscotch-302, a 24-year-old man, said that he recently found out that his 21-year-old girlfriend, Caitlin, is pregnant.

"She told me that she hoped it was a girl, so a couple nights ago we started discussing baby names," he said.

"I suggested Winter and she absolutely loved it," he added.

The name felt especially apt because Caitlin already has another daughter named Autumn – but the Redditor wasn't just sticking to the seasonal theme.

"Winter was the name that my ex-girlfriend (Alex, 25f) came up with when me and her were expecting," he revealed.

"Unfortunately, she miscarried. I ended up leaving Alex a month later because honestly after she miscarried, I fell out of love with her. I started dating Caitlin a couple of months later."

The Redditor said that it got back to his ex, Alex, that he was planning to name his daughter Winter – and she had some choice words.

"She said something along the lines of that she was kind of disappointed but she wasn't surprised that I did this because I was a pig," he said.

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"She also said that at this point she didn't care because she didn't even want any kids anymore, and even if she did, she couldn't stop me from naming my baby Winter even though it was supposed to be the name of the baby that she was carrying."

Hearing his ex's opinion, he said he "assumed that this gave me and Caitlin the green light to go ahead and name our baby Winter if it was a girl" – even though Caitlin didn't know the history behind the name.

"My friends and even some of my family members are telling me that this was an a**hole move and was rubbing salt in the wound since I left Alex after she miscarried and I am now 'stealing her dead baby's name,'" he added.

Reddit users are horrified by his behavior, calling him out for leaving his ex after she miscarried and keeping the details of the name's origins from his current girlfriend.

"That’s pretty heartless and thoughtless. Also shows a complete lack of originality on your part," wrote one.

"I hope your gf leaves you," said another, while a third called him "insensitive."

In an update, the Redditor said he admitted to Caitlin how he came up with the name – and insisted she was "perfectly okay" with it.

While the post was originally shared in July, it was recently discussed by TikTok user Mallola Khalidi (@llove_lola), whose post has gone viral.

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