My baby's so chunky, he's in size 7 nappies at eight months old – people ask what I feed him but he eats a normal amount

A MUM has insisted she has no idea why her baby is so chunky because he eats a "normal" amount of food.

Alessia Papania took to TikTok to share a video of her baby boy dancing in his nappy, showing off his chunky physique.

People were quick to ask what Alessia was feeding him, to which she shared another video explaining her son's diet.

"He’s been on several different formulas since he was born," she said.

"That combined with breast milk was what he mostly had for the first few months

"And for actual solid foods he eats pretty much everything – chicken, fish, fruits, veggies.

"But he eats a normal amount of food, doesn’t drink a ridiculous amount of formula so I don’t know why he’s so chunky."

Others commented on the fact the baby was wearing size 7 nappies – designed for children that weigh more than 37lbs.

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"Does that really say size 7 or am I trippin??" one person wrote.

With Alessia replying: "Yes it does!"

"I didn't even know that 7 exist," someone else commented.

"Omg the rolls – how old is he?" another person asked, with Alessia replying: "Almost eight months."

"My baby is so skinny he’s 10 months and wears size 5," another comment read.

"He’s so cute! my daughter is almost 14 months and just barely moved to a 4," someone else added.

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