My baby started talking at six weeks old and said 'I love you' at 11 weeks – trolls don't believe me but my tips worked | The Sun

A MUM who claims her baby started talking at just six weeks old has hit back at cruel trolls who say they don't believe her.

Selaphim Saddharti, who is from Australia, took to TikTok and posted a video explaining how her son spoke his first word at six weeks old and his first full sentence at 11 weeks.

She then goes on to share her top tips to help other parents encourage their babies to speak, too.

“Make sure that your hand is engaged on the neck and every time you say the word you want him or her to say, you touch the face gently or you could touch the nose,” she says.

“You want to assume that they know everything that you’re saying.

"If you act like it, then you’ll get a better response.


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“He said his first word at six weeks and that was ‘hello’, he said his first sentence, ‘I love you’ at 11 weeks, he understood words from four weeks.

“It’s better if you start them really, really early.”

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But proud mum Selaphim went on to point note that all children are different, so the results of her technique may vary.

“I just want to say this is what works for my baby it may not work for your baby, if it doesn’t please don’t be discouraged but you never know if you never try,” she reassures.

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“Mothers have already told me these tips are working for them.”

Despite just trying to help, Selaphim has been criticised by social media users who aren't convinced her son was saying actual words.

“That’s cooing not talking," wrote one.

"It’s coincidence that these coo’s sound like words & I know it’s exciting but it’s cooing."

A second person commented: "I can’t even tell if this is satire."

In response, Selaphim hit back: "It’s hard to believe but Check out my other videos of him talking – mothers have already told me these tips are working for them."

A third joked: "My child was playing violin at this age."

Meanwhile, a fourth quipped: "My baby is 3 months old and a full time working engineer so yeah, makes sense."

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