Mums reveal their best time saving morning hacks – and some they've even learnt from their kids

MANY families know the chaos of getting kids ready for the school run – but these savvy mums have come up with some genius time-saving hacks. 

From uniform stations to freezing sandwiches ahead of time, these creative tips could save precious time in the mornings. 

Here Fabulous rounds up some mums’ best tips, and some they have learnt from their kids… 

Meal prepping school lunches

An organised mum has revealed how she preps an entire week’s worth of lunches for her family-of-five. 

Suzanne, from Queensland, revealed an impressive photo of 25 lunchboxes for her three young kids, herself and her partner.  

In the plastic boxes were tasty treats from sandwiches, chopped fruit, popcorn, biscuits, crisps and bagels. 

She explained: “I pack two to three days at a time and it stays fresh. Even cut apple doesn't brown.”

In order to keep the boxes organised, each lid has the person’s name and the day it is to be eaten. 

In order to store all the lunchboxes, Suzanne said she keeps them all in a second fridge in her house.  

Uniform stations 

With seven little ones to organise, a lot can go wrong – and one mum revealed it's a "school bag station" in the hallway that helps create a seamless morning routine for her family.

Jenna Pierce, 26, shared a snap of the neatly-arranged set-up which shows each of her kids' school bags hung from hooks – with school shoes and storage below.

Even if you don't have quite so many youngsters, a clever storage solution can make a huge difference – with many parents opting for a set of plastic drawers instead.

Freezing sandwiches

Loose Women star Stacey Solomon came up with a creative way to be organised when it comes to her boys’ sandwiches. 

Mum-of-three Stacey said: “I’m going to make sandwiches for the boys for the week and freeze them so I don’t have to worry on the day which makes a massive difference.

“I’ll put them in freezer bags, labelled and take them out the night before I use them.”

Sleep kids in shower caps

A mum has revealed her savvy eight-year-old daughter sleeps in a shower cap so she doesn’t waste time in the morning getting ready. 

Rachel Neal shared a cute photo of daughter Isla tucked up asleep with her hair prepped ahead of time for school. 

She wrote: “So I went in last night to find my daughter fast asleep with a shower cap on.

“Why…. well her response this morning was ‘well mummy it’s simply because I do not have the time to f***y around with my hair in the morning for school, this way it keeps it neat.’

“Genius at eight years old.”

Vacuums socks for another day’s wear

Account manager Emma Copeland, 37, from Bromley, south-east London, has developed a few hacks for keeping her four-year-old's life in order.

One time-saving trick is vacuuming Luca’s school socks for another day’s wear, instead of washing them.

She said: “At first, I did it to get rid of all the dog hair they picked up from our German Shepherd, but now I just do it to take off any excess dirt and lay them out again for the next day of school.”

Puts kids to bed in tomorrow’s clothes

A mum has shared how she puts her daughters to bed in the next day’s clothes to save time in the morning.

Australian Lisa Lamond, who is mum to Arabella, three, and Ruby, two, said her handy hack helps their “chaotic” life and means her family can get out the door in record time.

She explained: “So the best piece of advice I’ve been given is to dress your kids the night before in the clothes you want them to go out in.

“When they wake up, I change their nappy, put their shoes on and we are out the door.”

Uses chalk boards

Hayley, a busy mum-of-four, has also used her hallway to set up a station, using a chalkboard calendar to keep on top of her kids’ schedule.

She says it helps to reduce the panic that comes with the school run, and with three school-age kids and a baby it's very much needed.

Along with the massive chalkboard on the wall, each of the school kids have a box with their name on it which holds their bags and coats so they can easily grab and go when it's time to leave.

She shared her set-up on Facebook, and wrote: "I have 3 children at school and a baby. This massively helps with the morning rush and organising after school clubs also my anxiety."

Easy 'lolly stick' meal plan

Of course, it's not just breakfast which is a stressful part of the day, andwoman has shared the nifty method she uses to make family dinners easier too.

To mix things up, she decided to write down a variety of dishes on lolly sticks and pop them in a jar. 

She created a simple meal board with days of the week printed on, and at the beginning of each week she simply grabs dishes from the jar and attaches them to the board via a clip.

Nice and easy! 

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