Mums rave about B&M’s fun foaming soap they claim makes bath time a breeze – and it’s great for sensitive skin

IT'S not always easy getting your kids to jump in the bath each night, but parents are raving about a fun foaming soap which has made the process a breeze.

Crazy Soap is available from B&M, Asda, Aldi and Amazon for cheap and parents reckon its the "best buy ever" as the little ones can't seem to get enough.

Mum Sarah Rayner was one of the first to mention the "amazing bath foam"sharing snaps on Facebook of her daughter sitting in the tub covered by the pink foam.

Five-year-old Darcie was barely visible underneath the layers of marshmallow-looking foam, choosing to be a "mermaid with big hair and boobs" for the night.

Alongside the hilarious snaps, she wrote: "I posted a few days ago about the amazing bath foam… tonight she requested she wanted to be a mermaid with big hair and boobs.."

Raving about the product, she added: "Soap is from B&M, Amazon and other places like that. Washes straight down the plug as it turns to mushy water, is very easy to clean and is good for sensitive skin too. "

And she certainly wasn't alone in praising the amazing product as thousands of mums rushed to the comments to share their own snaps.

Many insisted it's made bath time "the best ever" and provides endless fun, with hundreds admitting their kids "love it".

"Haha brilliant I love this foam. My Boys cover themselves completely too," one mum said, amused.

And another wrote: "We have been using this for ages not just in the bath too its great sensory fun which my 4 year old needs. Have never made a mermaid though.  Looks awesome." 

One mum said she "goes though a bottle every two days" because her kids "love it so much".

Although Sarah said it's completely fine for little kids with sensitive skin, some parents admitted they weren't so lucky.

"My son used to love this but it dried out his skin so much we had to stop using it," one said. "Really really not suitable for sensitive skin at all."

Although, the product does state it is "mild and gentle, hyper-allergenic and dermatologically tested", we suggest doing a patch test first.

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