Mum turns a budget cake into a personalised one for her daughters birthday but everyone’s saying the same thing | The Sun

A MUM is being trolled after sharing how she personalised a last minute budget cake for her daughter's birthday party. 

The mum of three shared her DIY cake transformation for her 10 year olds birthday in a TikTok video online 

Cylleste confessed she: “Didn’t have time to bake a cake.”

Using a cake she had already bought Cylleste scraped off the pink and white icing. 

Taking inspiration from a photo she had seen online added some blue dye to some store bought cream icing. 

The mum then spread this all over her cake, Cylleste confessed she didn’t have a spatula to smooth her icing but she found a cleaver instead. 

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In a part two video Cylleste decorated her cake with flower petals and a happy birthday message. 

She said: “Not perfect but it turned out better than expected!”

But it seems many viewers didn’t agree, Cylleste’s video went viral with over 23.4 million views with people criticising her cake and saying she was a bad mother.

One user said: “Wouldn’t it be cheaper to bake a cake?”

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Another said: “You need to plan better especially when it comes to special occasions and milestones!!! How can your kids' birthday be last minute?”

A third viewer said: “Why not just buy plain sponge cake instead of one with icing and then waste that icing by taking it all off?”

But many users flocked to defend the mum applauding Cylleste for her effort. 

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One user said: “Regardless of whether or not it’s last minute or if she’s bought it, she’s provided her child with a cake which is more than a lot of you can say.”

Another said: “She put in a lot of effort and love into this, which is more then a lot of parents do.”

A third viewer said: “I don’t see why everyone is attacking this lady, she’s trying her hardest with the time and supplies she has??”

The mum also shared another video to explain why she had to prepare the cake so last minute. 

She said: “First of all, I've already had my party for my daughter. This was her dad's party, at the very last minute asked me to help him host. And I was then left in charge of cake and all of the food.”

“I did try to have a cake professionally made, but they required a week to week and half notice, and I didn't get that much notice.”

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“I then went to multiple shops in my area to try and find either just plain sponge cakes or Woolies or Coles MUD cakes because I knew I wasn't gonna have time to bake cakes between a teething infant and a very cranky toddler. And they were all out of stock.”

“So instead of buying $5 [£3.30] sponge cakes and doing it myself, I had to make do with what I had, which was a $25 [£13.25] cake that I then had to demolish and start again.”

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