Mum tries to 'normalise normal' with her messy house where the TV's on 24/7 but trolls say she's frying her kids' brains | The Sun

A MUM has sparked backlash from trolls after revealing that the TV in her house is on 24/7.

Emily took to Instagram to share a Reel tour of her house in a big to "normalise normal".

"Life without the filters," she said.

"Let me walk around my house and make you feel better about yours.

"In this house, we leave the TV on 24/7. That’s right.

"It’s on from the time we wake up to the time we go to bed.

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"Screen time? All the time."

Trolls quickly hit back, with one writing: "Good way to fry the children's brains, leaving the TV on all day."

"I'm literally freaking out when my son gets 1 hr TV, I cannot imagine all day on screen," another added.

While a third commented: "My son had a lot of tv time and was absolutely wild and misbehaving/unable to focus at preschool.

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"We stopped screen time with just a small bit in the evening and he’s completely different.

"Why do people get so defensive instead of researching what’s best for their kids themselves?"

Emily continued her video by taking the camera into her kitchen, as she said: "I was doing dishes today and I noticed I’m missing three bottles. I’m really scared to find them."

Picking up her daughter's baby book, she added: "I realised I have yet to pick up her actual birth certificate.

"I have this fake one from the hospital. That’s good enough right?"

Other things she shared was the fact she leaves clothes to "sit in the washer for three days", as well telling everyone her toddler can't resist opening her tampons in the bathroom.

"Cats are great until you realise you’re not going to be scooping their poop into bags for like 20 years," she said.

"Why do they live so long?"

And showing a huge pack of toilet paper on her hallway stairs, she added: "Look what’s back – the toilet paper I bought in bulk and have nowhere else to put."

"We love some hallway toilet paper," she captioned her video.

And despite the fact she was trolled for the screen time issue, others praised her for sharing such a "relatable" video.

"This is real life," one wrote.

"Not the celebrity videos of their sterile architectural digest homes that look like no real kids live there."

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"Not a parent but I so respect you for being real here. Content creators glamorise things so much on these platforms so it’s really nice to see the real side of things," another added.

"The real deal!! Normal, crazy, messy and happy life," someone else commented.

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