Mum shares the dinner she's made for her children but brutal trolls say it looks so dull they wouldn't come home | The Sun

A MUM has been brutally savaged after sharing the dinner she had prepared for her kids, with some saying it's traumatising.

Lauren Rolls, from the UK, is a mum who regularly posts ideas for inexpensive after-school meals with bargains from Aldi and Tesco.

But although a few of them have down a treat – such as her spaghetti cupcakes – one meal has taken TikTok by storm for all the wrong reasons.

Here, the mum could be seen whipping up a cheesy pasta dish with ham and veggies.

First, she demonstrated in the now-viral clip, Lauren stared by chucking in some pasta into a pot before filling it up with water and putting to boil.

Whilst that was cooking, the mum prepared the veg – she put a pile of frozen peas, carrots and broccoli into another pot and set it aside to cook.

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For protein, Lauren had opted for sliced ham which she diced up in smaller bite-size bits.

With the pasta now ready, the mum then put combined it with the ham and a generous pile of grated cheese, the mix of which was chucked into the microwave for a bit.

Once the cheese had melted, she put a spoonful of the dish onto a plate, added the veggies on the side and completed the dinner with some garlic bread.

''After school dinner for my faves,'' the mum wrote in the caption.

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But sadly, the reaction on social media was not one she was after – thousands of mean trolls flocked to comments to express their horror.

One was so mortified, he said: ''Bro I wouldn’t come home.''

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Someone else agreed, adding: ''You know that one dish u remember as a kid and it traumatised you… this is Dish.''

''Everybody so creative,'' another troll penned.

Fortunately, there was also heaps of support from those who reminded that she was just trying to feed her kids – and that's all that mattered.

''I don't understand the mentality of some people, this mum is feeding her kids. some poor kids don't get fed. This is a great mum!'' a kind user said.

''All I see here is a mum feeding her children! I didn’t have a lot growing up and I’d have been so grateful for this. You’re a good mum!'' a second fan hit back at all the meanies.

Lauren is not the first one to be slammed for her cooking skills – one bloke certainly knows a thing or two about this as well.

Foodie Elliott, better known to his fans as Beautifulkingelliott (@beautifulkingelliott) on TikTok, regularly uploads short videos showing what's on the plate for the day.

Although there have been a number of meals with British favourites, such as a hearty roast dinner, as well as a pizza, one of his dishes has become more viral than any other.

Here, Elliott revealed he was about to devour a plate full of mash and eight sausages drowning in gravy.

But whilst the combination was not so unusual, it was the state of the sausages that got everyone talking – many were concerned they had not been cooked properly.

Despite the food fanatic insisting they were safe to eat, some reckoned the mushy state of them meant they were most definitely raw.

Seeing how light in colour they were, TikTok users also took their turn in guessing how Elliot had prepared them, with one wondering: ''Sausages cooked on the radiator?''

''Sausages cooked via sunlight,'' a second thought.

Another chuckled: ''POV: my fingers when I’ve been in the Bath too long.''

''Straight out the freezer onto a plate,'' said a social media user who was convinced he hadn't even cooked them in the first place.

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As well as the raw state of the popular kitchen staple, there were also those who couldn't get over the sheer volume of the sausages he was about to eat.

''Everyone’s talking about them being raw but what about a whole pack of sausages on his plate!!'' a man was worried.

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