Mum shares simple ‘cuddle hold’ which gets overtired babies to sleep EVERY time

IF YOU have a newborn baby and are struggling to get them to sleep, you’ve come to the right place.

All mums out there will know the struggle of an overtired baby that just won’t stop crying.

Not only is the sound of their crying piercing your eardrums, it’s also very distressing. 

You’ve probably reached a point where you feel as though you’ve tried everything – walking them around for hours in a buggy, singing to them or gently rocking them in your arms.

But if you haven’t found anything that works, fear not.

One mum has taken to TikTok to share her simple ‘cuddle hold’ that she swears by for getting an overtired baby to sleep in minutes.

The mum-of-one Emily Carman shared her hack and says it works every time.

She uploaded a tutorial to TikTok to show you how it’s done, with the caption ‘Thank me later’.

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She said: “Hi, I’m here to give you a tip for overtired babies and it’s a hold that I’ve been holding her like since she was about five weeks old, when she’s overtired and it’s the quickest way to get them to sleep.”

Emily shows you how to perform the hold using a Minnie Mouse stuffed toy.

She explained: “If you’re breastfeeding, get something that covers you that doesn’t smell like you, so dad’s jumper, dad’s scarf, a towel, anything just to cover your boobs so that they can’t smell the milk smell.”

Emily then instructs you how to perform the hold – advising you to put the babies’ body under your arm and then “hold the baby's free arm with your hand, put the legs in, swing them under the boob and trap them with the other arm, so they are literally completely safe and secure.

"Then if they try and wriggle and keep themselves awake, they can’t, because they’re all nice and tucked in.

“And then whatever is comfy for your baby, Delilah likes to be swayed and she likes the ‘shh’ noise so I just do this.

“Can go anywhere from five to 15 minutes and it gets them off to sleep.” 

Emily’s cuddle hold has clearly impressed numerous people as her video has quickly racked up a whopping 323.5k views. 

Many mums were very impressed with this cuddle hold and took to the comments to express this. 


One person said: “Omg thank you!! I’ve been feeling bad holding her arm down to stop her wriggling keeping herself awake now I know I’m not the only one!”

Another added: “Trying this!”

A third commented: “I am defo trying this tomorrow!!!”

There were also many TikTok mums that revealed that they love this hold and it works for them every time.

One user commented: “I swear by this hold!!”

Another added: “Can confirm this works!! We do this for my 5 week old baby.”

A third said: “I do this!! Works every time.” 

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