Mum shares genius patio seating hack that’ll keep your outdoor cushions stain-free from spillages

WITH summer just around the corner, it's no surprise that people are spending their time sprucing up their garden furniture, but keeping those patio seats clean can be a difficult task when kids are around.

The potential for spillages couldn't be greater, with anything and everything wreaking havoc with your cushions from juice drinks to melting ice lollies.

One mum, however, has come up with a genius hack that will keep your outdoor cushions stain-free and all you need is a water repellant spray.

Jessica Lovett shared a video on TikTok of her using Rust-Oleum Shield H20 Fabric Water Repellent Treatment Spray and people were left amazed by the results.

Demonstrating how to use it, mum-of-three Jessica sprayed each cushion all over on both sides, before leaving for 24 hours to dry.

She then tested it out, at first using water to see if it had worked.

Instead of soaking into the cushions, the water formed little beads that could be wiped away, without leaving a spill or stain on the fabric.

"I tried water first because I was so nervous," she admitted, before explaining: "It beaded up and I was able to wipe it right up!"

Jessica then tested out colour liquids, including a bright blue Powerade drink and another red liquid, and both times she was able to wipe the spill away with no fuss and her cushions left looking immaculate.

She shared the same video to her Instagram page and told her 3.5k followers: "Remember when I was asking in stories how you protect your patio cushions? It seemed no one had any ideas and everyone was desperate for suggestions.

"I found a product to repel liquid and keep moisture out! You know I tested it out for you. Red juice approved… This should keep our new patio furniture looking new and protected all year long!"

The spray she used cost $15.98 (around £11.50) from Home Depot in the US, but can also be found on Amazon.

"Amazing! I need this," commented one person, while another cleaning fan posted: "Totally buying this."

Others were curious whether the spray would work the same on indoor furniture, with one asking: "I need! Would it be possible to use this on your regular couch?"

Jessica replied: "You probably could! I’d have to read on it. But I do know they make different [kinds]. I use the shoe one for all our shoes and we love it! Especially kids shoes.

"Idk how it would work on cleaning actual spots on a lot of couches though. Now I’m curious."

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