Mum reveals the sure-fire giveaway that reveals who your favourite child is and parents are stunned at how right it is | The Sun

WHILE our parents wouldn't dream of admitting they have a favourite child, we all know there is one.

And now one mum has revealed the sure-fire way to tell who out of your siblings is the favourite thanks to one small detail.

Taking to TikTok, Alex Griswold and his girlfriend, know as the 'internet parents'revealed the secret code that undoubtedly proves who is the favourite – and it's all to do with their computer passwords.

In the video, he explained: "Okay, so the password child is like when you're trying to watch your parents Netflix, but it's logged out.

"So then you ask what's the password and then they say your name or one of your siblings names, and then whose ever name that is is the favourite child."

People were left stunned by the revelation and it soon went viral with over one million views and over 170k likes.


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Another woman on TikTok also confirmed the theory, revealing she was in fact the password child.

Jasmine Nguyen said: "Me to my sister because I'm the password child."

She mimed: "Better ingredients, better pizza, better b****es, better money, my shoes better, my clothes better."

The term has even been coined by Urban Dictionary, the ‘password child’ is the child who is perceived to be the family’s ‘obvious favourite’.

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Why? It’s because it’s their name or birth date that the parents use for their online passwords.

Many people took to the comments to share their thoughts on the trend and whether they were the password child.

One wrote: "I'm an only child and I'm not even the password child…"

Another person commented: "My sister is the password child but I'm the one who they come to when they forget the password."

"Oops, I demoted my oldest without even realizing it, I didn't even know this was a thing," penned a third.

"nothing hurts worse than getting replaced as password child by a dog," claimed a fourth.

Meanwhile a fifth penned: "Me as a mom realizing which child IS my password child never knew it was a thing."

"I was the password child until my sibling was born," added a sixth.

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