Mum-of-7 makes her son a cheap & easy birthday cake – trolls say it’s embarrassing but she doesn’t care | The Sun

A MUM of seven kids has been slammed by trolls for making what they call a cheap and embarrassing birthday cake. 

Tess Giddings was so excited to make a homemade cake for her son’s 11th birthday and took to social media to share her success. 

Like most kids, Tess’ son is obsessed with Prime energy drink, so she popped to Home Bargains to get the ingredients and made him a sweet and edible version using madeira cake and colourful icing. 

Sadly, trolls weren’t so impressed by her efforts and slammed what she called a ‘birthday cake hack’.

Tess’ birthday cake tutorial has been viewed by over 170,000 TikTok users so far. 

In the clip, she writes: “I wanted to make my son a cheap, easy birthday cake.

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“The ingredients cost less than £7 from Home Bargains.” 

Tess shows viewers her baking haul: a large cake base, two oblong madeira cakes and a selection of coloured icing. 

The savvy mum films herself rolling the blocks of icing flat with a rolling pin and asks fans: “Why am I so aggressive with the roller?” 

Soon, the cake base is fully covered by white icing and Tess uses a large knife to neaten the edges. 

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“I’m clearly no professional,” she confesses of her botch job. 

She then unwraps the pre-made madeira cakes and admits: “It saved so much time buying a pre-made cake.”

Using the same large knife, Tess cuts into the oblong treat to create a bottle shape, discarding the extra pieces. 

“What am I doing?” she exclaims, as the footage shows her looking confusedly at her work. 

Next, she hand flattens the block of bright blue icing and covers the entire bottle-shaped cake. 

She transfers the cake onto the base and uses black icing to form the word ‘PRIME’ on top.

Tess finished the cake by making little blue icing stars for the bare white base and she boasted of her work: “Turned out better than expected, I hope he loves it…”

In the comments, the mum reveals she ‘knew he’d love this design’, but trolls went to town on her efforts. 

One rude user replied: “I think someone somewhere was making a cake.”

A second chimed: “Why not buy flour, eggs, etc and bake it instead?”

A third said: “This is so embarrassing.”

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But not everyone was so mean. Fellow parents flocked to the comments to share their praise. 

Tonnes say she smashed it and one kind user remarked: “That’s really good and the fact you have taken time and effort is better than any bought cake. Top mum.”

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