Mum-of-22 Sue Radford showcases the lavish Christmas breakfast the kids wake up to in their millionaire's mansion

WITH 22 hungry kids to feed in the morning, you would think that Sue Radford would keep things simple when it comes to breakfast.

However, when it comes to December, the mum to Britain’s biggest family spends hours readying the breakfast table for a North Pole themed start to the day.

Sue shared a video of the festive table that she prepared to welcome the family’s Elf on the Shelf elves on the Radford YouTube channel.

The table was dressed with a Christmas table cloth, plates, cups and straws with a Christmas cracker laid at each setting.

Sue had also strewn candy canes about the place and had meticulously arranged Christmas chocolates in the shape of snowflakes all over the table.

When it came to their breakfast her bumper brood had a sugary feast to tuck into including pancakes, chocolate filled crepes, as well as  pain au chocolats.

And if they hadn’t quite got their sugar fix, Sue had placed Nutella and maple syrup on the table to douse the breakfast in and sliced banana and strawberry to finish.

When it comes to drinks, the youngsters can help themselves to chocolate milk or hot chocolate.

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Sue also handed out advent calendars ranging from a gin one for Noel, who couldn’t help but try a swig first thing, Body Shop calendars for the older girls, as well as Playmobil and traditional chocolate ones for the youngsters.

Sue and Noel are parents to Chris, 32, Sophie, 27, Chloe, 26, Jack, 24, Daniel, 22, Luke, 21, Millie, 20, Katie, 19, James, 18, Ellie, 16, Aimee, 15, Josh, 14, Max, 12, Tillie, 11, Oscar, 10, Casper, nine, Hallie, six, Phoebe, five, Archie, four, Bonnie, three, and Heidie, one.

Sadly the couple's 17th child Alfie was still born on July 6, 2014.

The family famously doesn’t rely on benefits and is supported by their pie shop business. 

The Radfords, who live in a 10-bed former care home, often show off their millionaire lifestyle on Instagram.

This includes having an outdoor cinema, TV bed, and a £30,000 Range Rover car.

We previously shared how mum-of-22 Sue Radford lives a millionaire’s lifestyle with a £30k Range Rover, outdoor cinema & hot tub.

Earlier this year, the Radford family got even LARGER as Sue and Noel announced a new grandson was on the way.

We also revealed inside the garden of Britain’s biggest family where Sue and Noel Radford have a cinema, hot tub and bar.

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