Mum-of-22 Sue Radford says she’s in ‘absolute bliss’ during Florida break despite 'ongoing feud’ with daughter Millie | The Sun

BEING mum to Britain's biggest family means that Sue Radford is often rushed off her feet.

But the mum-of-22 has found herself in 'absolute bliss' during the family's latest holiday to Florida despite a brewing family feud.

The matriarch of the Radford family took to Instagram yesterday where she shared footage of her brood's visit to the water park on the complex where they're currently holidaying.

Posting a video of herself dangling her feet in the glistening pool waters, Sue captioned it 'absolute bliss.'

The mum's relaxed attitude may come as a surprise to some following the news that she is currently 'feuding' with her daughter Millie.

Millie, 22, hit headlines last week when she shared a post on her Instagram Stories, in which she took aim at her mum for using her grandchildren to make money.

on the Radfords

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She also criticised her mum for taking some of her other grandchildren on the vacation, but not her children – Ophelia and Chester.

Millie wrote: "Cute? But you've made money from all your grandchildren but choose your favourites.

The accusations came after Sue and Neil shared a video online of them surprising their grandkids with the trip, with Neil dressed up as Mickey Mouse.

The Radfords have been enjoying their trip in Orlando Florida for the past week.

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