Mum makes her kid a ‘puzzle sandwich’ to make back-to-school easier and parents love the message behind it

A CRAFTY mum created a ‘puzzle’ shaped sandwich for her kids to make going back-to-school easier, with a hidden message behind the lunch box. 

As children finally return to class, one mum decided to try something new in their lunchbox, painstakingly cutting bread into the shape of a puzzle. 

She opted for a chicken and pastrami sandwich with chickpea chips, salsa, watermelon and string cheese. 

The mum proudly shared her handiwork to Facebook group Bento Lunchbox Mums, where she also revealed the sweet note she’d included.

She wrote: “This year is going to be a ‘puzzle’. With a happy attitude we all will get through it together. 

“Flip over for fun facts.” 

Despite creating an intricate sandwich, the mum revealed it was her first time making it.

She added: “My first attempt at a bento box. That took much longer than I thought. 

“Any tips to make it go smoother?

“Hopefully tomorrow goes better. No lie I wanted to scream this morning.”

Dozens of parents liked her handiwork, as they shared tips to make prepping for lunch much quicker. 

One mum wrote: “I do a lot of precutting before the week starts, like cheese and meats I precut. Then it’s just the fruit and veggies for later. I LOVE your sandwich!”

Another commented: “I try to have things frozen like mini muffins and pastries. To be fair I don't often cut in shapes. That's a very pretty box.”

A third said: “It's because it was your first time haha …once you get used to it, it will be a breeze.” 

While another added: “I do it the night before, that way I don't have to rush in the morning.”

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