Mum in hysterics after very rude-looking monkey book

WHEN you’re helping your child learn to read, the last thing that you want to see is an explicit illustration. 

One mum couldn’t believe it when she noticed a rather cheeky drawing in her daughter’s new reading book. 

Sharon Hansford noticed the rude detail when her six-year-old daughter came home from school with a new reading book about a monkey. 

When the mum started reading the book with her daughter, she noticed that the pictures were a little on the rude side, and that the book featured a monkey who was ‘banging his drums’. 

The image of an orange monkey sat on a tree branch banging two drums, caught her attention as the shocked mum realised the image looked very similar to something far ruder. 

While the mum was shocked by the illustrations, she found it too funny not to share with other parents and chose to post the pictures on a Facebook group. 

Lots of other parents agreed that the illustration looked like something rude, and the post quickly gained a high number of comments. 

One woman commented: “Omg”,

While another wanted to know: “Who is this artist who paint [sic] this”. 

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