Mum feeds her baby like a bird by PRE-CHEWING his food leaving people stunned

A MUM has caused contreversy online after revealing how she feeds her child.

Alice Bender, 21, from Arizona, US, posted the video of her unique way of feeding her baby and it already has over one million views.

Alice, mum to adorable baby Fern, and her husband regularly post videos about their lives and approach to a vegan, holistic lifestyle with children.

In the short video, Alice looks into the camera lip syncing the popular song from the TV show Adventure Time, I'm just your problem.

As her child sits in their highchair, sporting an adorable deer-ear hat, she begins to take small bites of an apple and spits them onto the high chair table.

Baby Fern eats the pieces of apple up with no hesitation.

The comment section of the video was completely divided on whether Alice's feeding technique was disgusting or totally normal.

Some users couldn't believe what Alice had done and were stunned she even put the video online.

One user wrote: "There are some things we do in our lives that shouldn't be shared with the world. This is one of those things."

Another person commented: "Why can't you just cut it? With a knife?"

A third said: "You're transferring the bacteria on your mouth (which is cavity-causing bacteria because you're older) into the baby's. Makes them more prone to cavities."

However, lots of mums were quick to defend Alice and loads of mums commented on how they do the same thing when their children are babies.

One user said: "Easier than cutting it, at least that's why I do it."

A second user replied: "Wait… All moms don't do this?? Lol."

Another popular comment said: "All of y'all acting like this is new and confusing… My parents did this and I'm pretty sure MOST do as well."

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