Mrs Hinch transforms her messy make-up drawers littered with fake-eyelashes with 69p baskets

MRS Hinch shared another incredible transformation as she de-cluttered her make-up drawers – finding tons of fake eyelashes floating about.

The cleaning queen, aka Sophie Hinchliffe, may keep the rest of her home spotless but just like the rest of us her make-up drawers are full to the brim.

The mum to six-month-old Ronnie shared her step-by-step process to Instagram, as she finally tackled the mess of lotions and potions she had stashed in her dresser.

The 29-year-old revealed she’d been putting off giving the drawers a good clear out for a while, as she finally sat down to tackle them.

Sophie, from Essex, bought small white baskets for just 69p each to re-organise her drawers.

She wrote: “So time for me to use these baskets I bought from Poundstretchers.”

She painstakingly removed every piece of make-up from her cluttered drawers, before wiping them down and organising them in the baskets.

Sophie reassured fans she was using biodegradable wipes, as she powered through her make-up collection.

She said: “I’m using biodegradable Milton wipes to wipe down all my make-up and drawers. Love ‘em!”

And she confessed to finding false eyelashes scattered about
– something we can all relate to.

She said: “I literally find eyelashes stuck everywhere.

“These baskets are the perfect fit for my drawers!

“I’ve been wanting to get this done for so long!

“I keep putting it off! I’ll also clean my make-up brushes this evening!”

In the end the entire clean-out and reorganisation cost her just a few quid, and she chuffed with her results.

She said: “Total cost of the baskets £6.21!! So pleased!”

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