Mrs Hinch fans share 80p hack to get makeup stains including foundation smudges out of everything including white shirts | The Sun

REMOVING stains from clothing is hard enough as it is.

But some marks and stains are harder than others to get rid of, especially on white shirts.

Fans of cleaning whizz Mrs Hinch recently shared some of their best tricks and tips to tackle grim stains, including foundation smudges on shirt collars.

Posting in the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It, one member shared a snap of a stained shirt collars, they said: "I’m so sorry if this picture is grossing you out but can anybody please help me with getting these collars back to the way they once were?

"This is an ongoing battle I have and I have ruined several shirts by bleaching it.

"This one is about to go in the rubbish bin. I’m so over these collars."

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According to the keen cleaners, you can help get stains out with different soaps and other popular products, but the key is to use anail brush.

One said: "I used to put soap on the collar and use a little nail brush and scrub, it would come up lovely."

Another agreed: "Fairy liquid and a nail brush scrub it in all the sweat stains as this has already been bleached, may not work but try on future shirts I used to work in a dry cleaners and this is how we did it."

If you don't already have a nail brush at home you can grab one for as little as 80p in Asda.

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You could use an old toothbrush, but something with more firm bristles works best.

A third cleaning fan said: "Fairy liquid original and Elbow Grease spray rub together, leave for half an hr or so then wash as normal in the machine."

Someone else raved about Elbow Grease products, they said: "I swear it’s magic!!

"Foundation on a silk blouse, my sons black trousers with the adidas white stripe’s!!!! I dampened the bit first then really rubbed it on and left it a few hours then washed them."

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