Mortified model told to ‘cover up’ on plane with hi-vis jacket because her outfit was ‘inappropriate for flying’

A MODEL says she felt ‘humiliated’ after being made to wear a high-vis jacket on a flight – as her crop top was ‘inappropriate’. 

OnlyFans model Isabelle Eleanore, who was travelling from Australia’s Gold Coast to Melbourne, says she dealt with eight people from the airline before boarding the plane, and only then was she stopped by a cabin crew member. 

Isabelle, who was flying with JetStar, says: “I walk on the plane and show my ticket, and the woman goes ‘oh, do you have a jumper?’

“I’m like no I don’t have a jumper, expecting her to be like, ‘you’re going to be really cold’.”

To her shock, the crew member said: “‘You can’t fly wearing a bikini’. It’s not a bikini, it’s a top.

“So she makes us stand aside, saying ‘so you don’t have any clothing in your bags, you’re not travelling with anyone else’.”

Isabelle, who was wearing blue jeans and a black crop top, claims her large chest was causing an issue for the crew member on Monday’s flight. 

She fumed: “Apparently my top is too small and I couldn’t fly without ‘covering up’.

“If I had small breasts they wouldn’t have said something.”

After making a few calls, Isabelle says the flight attendant came back with a high-vis vest, to make this – gesturing to her chest – ‘more appropriate’. 

Isabelle, who was travelling with her husband, Jeremy Szwarcbord, continued: “Then I have to walk all the way to aisle 26 wearing a high-vis vest.

“And she was like, I’m really surprised no one said this to you at the terminal.

“She looked at me like she was disgusted.”

Mortified Isabelle said she felt ‘discriminated and humiliated’ having to walk in front of all the passengers in the vest, adding ‘everyone’ was looking at her. 

She said: “To be publicly shamed and humiliated over a clothing item, and /or the exposure of skin is archaic and discriminatory behaviour.”

And she blasted the airline for being forced to wear someone else’s ‘filthy uniform’ during a pandemic.

Taking to Instagram, she raged: “Is it to cover my shoulders or my stomach or my f*****g t*ts, because I swear if I had small t*ts it wouldn’t be an issue.

“This is discrimination and humiliation.

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“They forced me to put on a high-vis vest. Am I lost. Is it 1921 or 2021.” 

On its website JetStar asks passengers to refrain from wearing ‘any clothing or carrying personal items that display words, images, symbols or slogans that may reasonably be deemed offensive (e.g. a t-shirt with slurs or swear words on it).

‘Where this occurs, our crew will ask you to cover up the offensive material.’

A spokesperson for the airline told the Mirror: "We've contacted Isabelle about her recent experience and have apologised for the way the situation was handled.

"There was a misunderstanding of what our policy was, and we have reminded our crew of our dress requirements

"While we do have basic dress requirements on our flights, for example shoes, we do not have any policy regarding crop tops."

Fabulous Digital has reached out to JetStar.

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