Michelle Obama Seems To Have Gotten A Major Ring Upgrade — See Her New Bling

Michelle and Barack Obama celebrated 26 years of marriage in October 2018, and in recent press appearances, Michelle has been wearing a brand new, bigger engagement ring! See the before and after here!

Did former First Lady Michelle Obama just get a ring upgrade? This is a semi common practice among couples who get married when they are young. Once they are more successful, those diamonds tend to get bigger! While promoting her new book Becoming, Michelle seems to be sporting some new bling! We asked an expert! Olivia Landau, CEO and Founder of The Clear Cut told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY, “I noticed her new ring right away when I was watching a special with her on ABC!”

Olivia continued, “Her old ring looked to be about a 1-1.5ct Round Brilliant Diamond set in a yellow gold solitaire setting paired with a simple yellow gold band. Her new upgraded ring is much more blingy! The new ring looks to be a Round Brilliant Diamond around 2.5cts set in a platinum ring with pave set diamonds down the band. The engagement ring is paired with a matching platinum diamond eternity band which sits flush against the engagement ring. A blingy and modern upgrade!”

The “traditional wedding gift” chart says that for the 25th anniversary, the gift is silver, and diamond doesn’t come until year 60! If I was Michelle, I wouldn’t want to wait either! 26 years is quite an accomplishment! Michelle and President Barack Obama have been through so much together! See pics of the two rings below:

We think both rings are beautiful because of what they represent: love! After so many years together, it’s not a surprise that trends change, so Michelle may have wanted something different to reflect her personal style in 2018! We love the couple and Michelle’s new ring!

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