Men tell me they hate my lip fillers and say I look like a duck – but they’ve got no idea what I looked like before | The Sun

THE TOPIC of lip fillers often causes controversy.

Whether you like them or not, everyone has something to say about the popular cosmetic procedure.

But one woman has taken to TikTok to express her love for the procedure.

Claiming it's totally changed how she looks and given her a confidence boost.

Evie, from the US, is also known as the Aesthetic Educator on TikTok and revealed that men always have the same comments about filler.

In the short clip, Evie said: "When a guy tells me he finds girls with lip filler unattractive."


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With many men claiming 'it makes her look like a duck.'

Little do they know that Evie herself has had lip filler, and she sees it as a vast improvement to what she looked like in high school.

Evie then shared an image of herself at high school before getting lip filler, and her lips were significantly smaller than they are now and her top lip was barely visible.

The video has since gone viral with over 500k views – many people took to the comments section of the video to share their thoughts on the procedure.

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One wrote: "You look good both ways."

Another wrote: "My boyfriend would say the same thing all the time and now loves my new lips with 1 ml in them so men don’t actually know what they want."

A third commented: "You were cute without too!"

Evie responded: "Thank you! Sometimes the confidence boost is great but I will always be open and honest about cosmetic procedures!"

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But Evie did warn that it took her years to find a good injector and a lip shape that suited her face and looked natural.

She also revealed that the upkeep can be a lot and get pretty pricey, although she didn't reveal the exact cost.

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